3 thoughts on “NEW & IMPROVED!

  1. Surely “New And Improved” is an oxymoron. If the product is new there can be nothing before it and so can’t be improved. If it is improved then there was a product before it so it cannot be a new product.

  2. It could also be that as our needs change, the older product becomes outdated. Thus, a new product would meet new criteria and instantly be “improved” just by being more functional.
    There’s also the fact that this is a satirical comic, and all he is doing with this post is making people consider the tactics of their corporate overlords, such as these two posts have.

  3. what if they honestly believed it to be good before, but through research and development found ways to improve it? Although, marketing being what it is, I think you’re probably right for a significant portion of the cases.

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