The Obama Maternal Grandparents CONSPIRACY


4 thoughts on “The Obama Maternal Grandparents CONSPIRACY

  1. Riiiight. I’m no Obama supporter but seriously, can’t you do better than that? His left arm is too skinny, parts of the wall on both sides of him have been copied and his outline looks like a bad 60s sci-fi movie. If you want to prove the guy’s an imposter, at least do a good job. The only people that are going to buy this are people that WANT to buy it. I’m always telling people, if you are going to make an argument, make a good one. This is downright terrible.

    And anyway, them NOT being in the picture does NOT prove they were not in New York when it was taken. It only proves they were not in the picture (except that the picture is badly photoshopped). I have pictures of me without my Dad in them when I was little, but it hardly proves my Dad wasn’t in the house. It proves even less that he was studying Marxism in Pakistan or Socialism in Kenya.

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