2 thoughts on “Columbus Day

  1. Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say he was an incompetent explorer and a sleezeball. Yes, he was a greedy businessman who enslaved the local population to dive and mine for gold, but he was quite competent at sailing and navigation, and not only was he the first person to think of going west across the ocean to get to the eastern edge of the continent, he had the balls to go into the unknown… keeping two separate log books as they traveled, one for the crew (with shorter distances so they wouldn’t freak out and rebel) and one for himself (with the actual distances). Woops! He bumped into an unknown continent on his way. Lucky bastard.

  2. Instead of it being obnoxious for pointing out what everyone knows, how about if the idiots who already know this stuff still insist on pretending they don’t know it. It’s a hell of a lot more obnoxious to keep revering an incompetent explorer who failed in his mission to find India, wasn’t the first European to discover the Americas, and did all those things you noted above than to point out that he was a sleezeball.

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