Everything You Didn't Ask For

by Tom Pappalardo


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Everything You Didn't Ask For: Comics and Stories By Tom Pappalardo is a best-of comic collection by cartoonist and writer Tom Pappalardo, spanning twenty years of writing and comic publishing. This is the real cream of the crop, boy howdy, you'd better believe it.

164 pages. 10"x7". 13.4 ounces. What girth! What more could you ask for in a book?

In case you can't tell, because I occasionally make elaborate and abstruse jokes, this is a fake Kickstarter page. The book is available right now, either directly from me on the-opt.com (I'll make a little more money this way), on Amazon CreateSpace, or on regular ol' amazon.com. Physical books will be available in downtown Northampton locations shortly.

Risks And Challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Buying anything off the internet is a real gamble. Christ, is this book even real? I think most of these links are fake. I would be very wary here, folks. I might be scamming you. I might not even exist. Do people even print books anymore? Have you ever really looked at your hand? Do people usually read this stuff at the bottom of the page?



> Why would anyone want to buy a greatest hits comics collection of a cartoonist they've never heard of?

I can't answer that. I don't really like comics.

> Will the chicken dinner and the whistle pig be shipped together or separately?

No! The reward listing has been updated! Thank you!

> The video won't play! What should I do?

Uninstall your browser, reboot, and try again.

> Are you Chinese?

I am not Chinese.

> Is this a fake Kickstarter page?

Again, yes. This book is available for purchase right now! None of this is real! Do you have no critical eye when viewing things on the internet? Please buy my book. It is funny and good. Available on the-opt.com, Amazon CreateSpace, or amazon.com




Pledge $50 or more

You'll recieve not only the book, but also a free chicken dinner, prepared by Tom himself via Skype, delivered in 7-12 business days via USPS Economy Shipping.

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Pledge $150 or more
You'll recieve not only the book and a free chicken dinner, you will receive A 100% REAL BABY GROUNDHOG (also known as whistle pigs), which Tom will personally hunt, humanely trap (weather permitting), box up, and ship to your home in 5-7 business days via USPS Economy Shipping. I know what you're thinking - NO! The whistle pig and the chicken dinner WILL BE SHIPPED SEPARATELY!

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Pledge $250 or more

You'll recieve not only the book, the cold chicken dinner, and the possibly-still-alive groundhog, but you will also get - shit, hold onto your socks...this is crazy - one of my ribs! That's right! I will perform the surgery myself during a live Google Hangout. If I start to black out, make sure to +1 my post and call 911!

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Pledge $500 or more
The book, spoiled chicken, a dead animal, human bones, AAAAAND (!!!!) a free sticker!

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Pledge $1,000 or more
All of the above, except no book.

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